Friday, November 1, 2013

I have changed my breakfast! Can you believe it?

While flicking through the zillion tv channels the other afternoon, I caught the last five minutes of Katie, and there was a nutritionist talking about the best new superfoods to add to your diet. So, while playing Candy Crush, I listened with half an ear. The next day, while I was in the grocery store, low and behold, one of those superfoods jumped right out at me. Hemp seeds! For all I know, it has been on the same shelf for months and I just never noticed it. Anyway, I added a tablespoon to my oatmeal this morning and it was just fine! Am I the last to jump on this bandwagon?

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, this nutritionist said that tart cherry juice is a must have (it is powerful natural anti-inflammatory that can rival over the counter pain relievers in relieving aches and pains). I used to add a tablespoon or two to plain tap water to give it a fruity taste, but I haven't done that in ages. I wonder if that is enough or you need to drink a whole lot to get the health benefits. I guess it is good for post-recovery from an intense workout. This nutritionist also said that the other superfood, kombucha, doesn't have the medical science to back up health claims. Yet. It does deliver antioxidants (from the tea) and probiotics (from the fermentation), though. So, I might do a little more research into the tart cherry juice, but I will definitely be skipping kombucha for now. By the way, Katie said it tasted a little like apple cider vinegar. 

I only managed to eat a few pieces of candy last night, and my daughter took the leftovers to school. I was actually pretty happy with that, because I could easily sit down and munch away. I have a real chocolate problem, in case you didn't know that! Ha. How was your Halloween? 

I'm off to yoga and am still really looking forward to these classes. I'm wearing an old black Lululemon CRB, energy bra and my groove crops of course. All of these pictures that I take look the, black and more black. I don't want to be in downward dog and have my shirt ride up. That is just mean. I periodically go through these stages where I love the idea of a nice colorful tank or top (and I buy it- shelf full of swiftly tanks and vee necks) and then I try it on and all I can see is my stomach sticking out. So, I think I will stick with black for the time being as I certainly feel less conscious that way. Why oh why is this pooch not going away!?! This is so frustrating, as it is all I can do to maintain this weight, let alone lose a little! Is this my 47 year old body from now on?