Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I like this Lululemon upload 11/12

By the way, did you know today is 11/12/13.

Lots of goodies and it is a good thing that I don't need more cold weather running clothes, or I would be all over some of that! Some of the times that are tempting me are...

Base Runner  Long Sleeve looks pretty great. I love Rulu and have a long sleeve top from last year, I forget which one, and am sorry that I didn't buy more. Do I need another one, no, especially since the open your heart long sleeve might be more practical for me. Oh well. I just talked myself out of that.

Base Runner Pant also looks really good! I'm tempted to order this, but think it might be something I need to try on for sizing. I'm not sure if I have ever tried on Rulu pants. Are they clingy?

Two in One Run tank actually looks a little more fitted along the torso than some of the other tanks and I like it. I'm not sure about the back and how much skin is actually exposed. It might be too much for me. The dark zinfandel is lovely, but the pink pattern is overload and draws too much attention to the boobs.

Scoop Neck Tank in Luon! Yippee. I have a few of these from the last time that they are all luon and they are still favorites of mine. I'm holding out for the dark zinfandel though, this winter orchid is gorgeous, but unless it is darker in person, I'm going to pass. This makes me happy!

Energy Bra in bleached coral. I wish it were in just one color- those straps in the back look like leftover fabric, which I am sure they were. This bra in raspberry, winter orchid or zinfandel would be an easy buy for me.

Gather and Grow full on luon. One of my complaints about the gather and grow was that the fabric seemed really lightweight. Since it doesn't seem like I am going to get my beloved grooves anytime soon, I might breakdown and try these.

Thoughts? My luck, as soon as I cut the tags on the gather and grow they will release groove crops. I never hit enter on the Lululemon sweater Pure balance sweater. I just don't see how even if I size down, I won't look like a giant blob. Too bad, because the sweater fabric was fantastic. Let me know what you purchase...or didn't!