Thursday, October 31, 2013

Too tired to get dressed!

Way to go Red Sox! I was up very late last night watching the game and I am too tired to do much. My daughter is home with a sore throat and she is under a zillion covers on the sofa enjoying a Breaking Bad marathon, so it might be a pj day for the two of us! I slept through Barre class (damn, that is two weeks that I have missed) and tabata, but oh well. It is a happy day in Boston and I am so glad I got to see it live. 95 years is a long time to wait!

Who doesn't feel guilty when they know it is a day they usually get to the gym and they don't go? Did that makes sense, since I am so tired it is hard to tell. I am trying to get over that feeling and remember that my body could probably use the break and that one missed workout isn't going to mean the next size pants. I know that it isn't a habit and that often, life gets in the way. I am going to just eat well, even though it is Halloween, and there are three bags of candy sitting in the other room. Dinner tonight is homemade mexican egg rolls, which are the absolute best. They are a take on the chili's version, but I got the recipe from and they are a little healthier and not deep fried. I think I have posted about it before, since it is one of our favorite recipes. I will cook dinner like Walter White cooks! 

I used to turn over on Thursday mornings and check my phone for the Lululemon WMTM. Now, a few things have changed that habit. First, it seems to be uploaded much later. Second, I haven't bought anything off of that in a very long time. I think this is for a few reasons. Maybe I am buying the items that I want when they come out right away because I worry that they won't be available in my size if they ever make it to WMTM. Or, the stuff on WMTM is stuff that I wouldn't buy for any reason.  A lot of items seem to make it there because they have been priced too high (coats?! or even socks? They are seriously marked down to $9, am I reading that right?) Some seem to make it there because they were just unattractive anyway or got low ratings. Another reason might be the inconsistent sizing. I used to know that I was a certain size in CRBs across the board, but now I hesitate to buy one unless I have tried it on (angel wing CRB running small?). With the return policy being what it is, I don't want to take that risk. So, here is hoping the new hire from Kmart will really be able to take control of its global merchandising and design team. They are still looking for a new CEO.

Have a fun and safe Halloween and don't eat the candy!