Friday, November 15, 2013

Chanel Accessoire and Julep Polymer TopCoat

My experiment was an epic fail! Chanel chipped just as quickly as Essie. I don't want to use a gel, because my nails just recovered from years of acrylics, and I'm trying to save some money and do it myself (so I can spend it on Lululemon. ha!) They can put a man on the moon, but why can't they make a nail polish that lasts! Is it all a trick to make you use more and then buy more? Hmmmm. Does anyone have a brand that they can recommend? Since it seems that they all are pretty awful, I will stick to my gorgeous Chanel.

Last night I went over the tips with another coat of Chanel Accessoire and then used Julep Freedom Polymer as a topcoat. I got this with some Sephora points. After I put it on and waited for it to dry, I sat on my sofa and looked up instructions and reviews. It got the worst reviews ever! Plus, I was supposed to sit under a lightbulb for a few minutes to cure it. Hello? I switched over to all those energy saving light bulbs that barely produce any heat, let alone any light! I must say, my nails seem rock hard right now. I'm off to 5 hours of work, which means another zillion times that I must wash my hands. I'm ready for experiment number two. Bring it on!
Last night, I went to Michaels to get some materials for a project I found on Pinterest. I'm so excited to start it this weekend. I also ran in to Marshalls, and found 3 more of my daughter's Bliss facial wash, so I scooped those up. The reason I bring all this up, in my roundabout way, is that I also use gloves to wash dishes. Gloves that I buy guessed it....Marshalls or TJMaxx! They are not those basic yellow playtex gloves that your grandmother used. These are fancy enough, that they are left out on my sink. I think they cost $3-4.

No gym for me today, unless you count 5 hours of being on my feet keeping an eye on 4-5 year olds. That is enough of a workout, don't you think?