Thursday, November 21, 2013

More motivation than ever

Really! I know with Thanksgiving next week and my son home from college for a few days the food choices are going to be overwhelming and ridiculously unhealthy. Of course I want my son to have his "favorite" foods that he can't get at college, and unfortunately, some of those favorites are also mine. But, until Tuesday night, I am going to be very, very good, because I don't want all of this suffering to be for nothing. My weakness is really desserts, so if I can eat healthy the rest of the day and keep my portions (ha) controlled, I might be able to get through the 5 days. If I had a life coach, that coach would probably say get rid of "might" and change it to "will." So, it helps to have a goal and a deadline.

Nespresso is on with the best price I have ever seen for these machines. I might break down.... Here is a link

Barre class was painful as usual. In a good way. I have noticed that my left shoulder is much weaker than my right, so I'm glad we do a lot with individual weights (as opposed to Power and upright rows with the bar, where I guess I work one arm harder than the other). We really worked abs and held a contraction for what felt like forever. After, I hopped on the treadmill and ran one mile. And it was ugly and I was so out of breath. I walked for a few minutes and ran another mile. Oh good lord. And then got on the elliptical. I'm waiting to see how my knee feels, but if it is okay, then I plan to try to run again on Monday. I can't believe how difficult that was. I'm hoping that the crowd and the cold will help me forget how hard it is going to be to run.

For clothes Lululemon CRB, energy bra, black groove pants. I tried a more casual pose in that side picture, thinking it would help. Maybe a little???? I wish my Lululemon order was here already. Tracking says Tuesday. I hate to complain about free shipping, but really? A whole week to get across the country seems so slow. I would even prefer to have a minimum shipping amount to get it here faster, since most items are so expensive anyway, it would be easy to spend that amount. Time to figure out what is for lunch and make a haircut appointment. I know it is too long when it is in a ponytail and I can feel it tickling my back, or sticking to my sweaty back. Yuk.