Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lululemon scoop neck tank and no limits tank

After thinking that my old black scoop neck tank was still good, I thought I better try it on and make sure because it has been a little while since I have worn it and I don't know why. Yup, I still love this tank- not too much armpit and back fat with good coverage. I would definitely buy more.

I decided to wear my plum no limits tank. The bra fit a little tighter than my black version, which was just fine because I unexpectedly had to do some jumping today. I got lot of compliments on the color, which looks more vibrant in person.

In case you were wondering, and I am sure you all are, I ordered the raspberry energy bra, 105 singlet (hope I got the right size!), open your heart long sleeve and baroque CRB. I'll let you know when it gets here ( a week on the East Coast!!). I am loving this return policy since I certainly ordered more than I typically would knowing I have some flexibility. Did that make sense?