Sunday, November 24, 2013

I really love this old Lululemon CRB

I think it is snowy owl or something like that, but it is lined. Yup, lined! I'm also wearing my Forme jacket with cuffing and ruffles, which I am liking more and more each time I put it on. I hope that Lululemon releases some fun, maybe even frilly, items as it gets closer to the holidays!

I made it to Power, which was great. I felt super strong and powered through when it go hard (get it? haha). I stayed for kick, which was a big mistake, because I totally ran out of energy halfway through. I ate a banana in between classes and that usually helps, but after a little while, I could barely move my feet. While this wasn't a bad thing, since I tried to not jump due to the knee, I felt like I was only giving it 60%. Usually my thinking is if I am at the gym, I go all out and don't waste the effort, but not for kick today. 

Today's activities involve getting my Thanksgiving and Hanukah shopping list together, and stocking the fridge with food for my son. I also have some major cleaning to do. I know I am making a bunch of desserts and latkes. How awesome is that? I'm not cooking until Tuesday, but I do not want to be in a grocery store after that, so I need to make sure all of my ingredients are here. I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday and had to leave because the line was so long. Today is not the most exciting day, but I can't put this stuff off any longer. And it is so cold! I want to hibernate. My meals today are going to be very boring and probably the same as what I ate yesterday, which includes lots and lots of roasted vegetables! Today I might throw together some roasted green beans, which are delicious with a little pecorino romano on top. Yum! Good even cold.