Sunday, November 17, 2013

Having a lazy day after a great workout!

My kindof day! I went to Power and Kick and then spent a long time on the sofa under a blanket with a cat watching TV while reading a book. And then I got my second wind! Sortof. I cooked up more quinoa cakes, mexican chicken and more cauliflower/chickpeas. I actually used the mustard vinaigrette from the cauliflower and put it on the quinoa. Yum. I'm having a very hungry day.

I'm still working on whittling that middle. Every freaking day. I was complaining with another woman who is just a little younger than me about how hard it is to lose weight now. I just have to realize that it will take a while and remind myself about that number on the scale- no matter how thin I may think myself, that number has to go down. And then down some more. So, when I used to think I was done at the gym, extra cardio. And weights three times a week- no more two times! I think that means more time on the Step Mill. Have you used that machine? I can barely squeak out 15 minutes. Worst. Machine. Ever.

I'm embarrassed to say that I was in Lululemon ( a different one) again last night (too many mall trips) and returned the pure balance sweater. The woman, oops, I mean educator, said they sold out of that sweater really quickly. I was hoping for a smaller size to try on, but I'll take it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be. I also returned the open your heart long sleeve in purple. I tried it on and it was so long on me. I took out my tape measure and compared the pink to purple and there was a huge difference. I was getting all worked up and then realized that they were different sizes. Somehow, the pink is two sizes down from what I would normally wear. Huh. If it comes out in a different, brighter color, now I know what to do.

I had some extra time and went into Neiman Marcus (needless markup) and bought a pair of AG jeans. They fit so well that I went home and found another pair in another color!  (ebates and so I could save some money. When did denim get to ridiculously expensive?) They were skinny but not too skinny. They don't look like mom jeans and they don't look like my daughter's. I think the style was prima denim skinny. And I saw online today, at,  a pair of red valentino lace up booties with a bow. Oh my. They are at Saks. It sure is fun to "shop." I have drool running down my chin. I'm going to walk away from the computer before I hit enter and purchase those babies.