Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 5 going strong

I was out the door bright and early and took group step and then walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Step is a hard workout, especially if you move your arms a lot or add some power to the jumps. And as I think I mentioned before, there seems to be a lot more interval training, such as squat jumps, quick feet and burpees. Plus, I was sore from yesterday's workout. So, all in all, it felt good to be done by 930. I'm off to work in a few minutes, though. I am going to turn on my moves tracker on my iphone so I can get an idea how many steps I take at work. Even though I don't sit down for 2 and half hours, sometimes it doesn't show up as steps taken and only walked in place or some other nonsense. So, I'll see. I'm just curious. I'm wearing jeans and my Lululemon Keep it cozy crew with a gap tee underneath. It is either a thousand degrees or freezing there, so I am all set. The Keep it cozy crew is really cozy!

My meals and snacks are all figured out, although I think it is going to be one of those hungry days. Do you ever have those? I already made dinner and it involves shrimp dipped in butter then a spicy, sugary coating. It is really delicious. It is supposed to be part of a tortilla and in the past, I have just eaten the shrimp plain with some brown rice. But, my shrimp cooked down to a shrimpy size. They are so tiny! They still taste great, but look like peanuts.

I wore black groove crops, a soot CRB and my black 50 rep bra. That is a bra I love, almost as much as my energy bras, but sometimes they are a little hard to take off! I figure that grey is almost as dark as black, right? Yikes.  My cat is in every picture! If I don't trip on him one of these days, it will be a miracle.

My checking account is taking a hit this month, and I am trying very hard not to buy anything at Lululemon. But I'm probably going to get another open your heart long sleeve. And if they make some tanks in the dark zinfandel I am a goner. Have a great day! It is arctic here and I am taking out my heavy, heavy winter coat, hats and gloves (I may have to be outside for a long time). That is so sad!