Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chanel Rose Moire

I can't tell if I love this color or hate it. At times, it looks so frosted that it reminds me of something my grandmother wore and at other times, I think it is the perfect neutral. It does seem to change colors with different light.  It went on absolutely beautifully and hasn't really chipped, unlike Accessoire. Can you tell I am a preschool teacher wearing a lovely purple bandaid for the gash on my finger that probably needed a stitch? Obviously not an English teacher with a sentence like that.

I was up half the night (definitely hormonal) and between taking my daughter to the orthodontist and working longer than I thought, I am too pooped to even think about exercising today. So much for my streak of burning massive amounts of calories (ha) each day. Tomorrow will definitely be Barre class and then I might try a mile or two on the treadmill. My daughter and I are both signed up for a Turkey trot the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, when I signed us up, we were both running and we haven't laced up running shoes in at least a month and a half. She is young and can probably wing it, but me, I'll be huffing and puffing. I know we can always walk it, but the forecast looks for a high of about 40, and that temperature is probably for 3 pm! I've always wanted to do this race because every year they run by my house. I guess I can always dash inside if I get cold or my knee starts up again. Please don't tell!

I know I said no more crops for me, but I like the looks of the Lululemon Runday crop. It will probably be way too long for me, since the inseam is 23 and the wunder under is 201/2 inches. And, it is Power Luxtreme. It seems to be selling out in a lot of sizes. Decision by indecision. That's my motto today. Those Red Valentino boots that I was drooling over are sold out in my size. Yay. 

Dinner tonight is jambalaya I made a long time ago and stuck in the freezer for just this kind of day. The kind of day where cooking anything is too much work. I was going to roast some potatoes, too, but even that seems like too much effort right now. Waiting for the coffee to kick in....waiting....waiting...!