Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lululemon Upload 11/19

Ok. Here is what I am definitely buying:

Energy Bra in raspberry. But, I just have to double check that the pink bra I bought a while ago isn't too similar in color. Need to run upstairs.

Open Your Heart Long sleeve in light grey.   I don't have anything light grey, but really like the stripe reversible side better. But, does it look too much like the raspberry that I already have? Should I just get basic black, which goes with everything?

105 singlet in silver. I know I said no color, but look at the little detailing on the edges. This is not one that I can resist.  The other thing I realized about this tank is that it hangs so low in the back, it shows a lot of back fat. That is if you have it, and this model definitely doesn't. Oh, but I do. Which color.... which size? Even if I did remember to save all of my little tags, sometimes the sizing runs so different that it is useless anyway.

No limits tank in raspberry. That means I would get the 105 singlet in surge. This color is just so pretty. But, I did just buy this tank in the dark plum, although it can still be returned. What to do....

Here is what I am thinking/obsessing about:

Cool Racerback in Basic Baroque. It goes well with my no colors theme and it might be busy enough to be "camouflage" for my spare tire.

Here is what looks interesting or if I had an unlimited budget:

Practice Daily Full-on Luon Crop. I like the way this looks, but would have to see it in person.

Skinny Will in pique luon black. Definitely don't need another pair of pants, but I do think these look nice enough to wear out as "real" clothes. Unfortunately, I don't need these at all. Boo hoo.

Scoop Neck Luon in raspberry. I have my black one from a million years ago and it still fits just fine and looks perfect. I'm holding out on more colors, since it looks like I will be buying one tank in raspberry.

And one more thing... No more burnout. What is it with this fabric? Are you with me on this one? Just be short sleeve and Inner calm long sleeve. No, no, no..It snares, it is sheer, it is ridiculously overpriced.

So, what I thought was going to be a very expensive upload for me might not be so bad after all. It certainly helped to type all this up while I have my morning coffee. It is fun virtually shopping. I'll let you know what I end up doing!

I didn't get to yoga last night because there were too many things going on in my house and that means I might not be able to get there at all this week. That hasn't happened in a few months and I guess the answer is to do some stuff in my house. I do much better with someone telling me what to do. Even though I know what to do. I'll have to think on that.