Saturday, November 9, 2013

Does muscle really weight more than fat?

I went for my routine ob exam yesterday and got weighed. I don't own a scale and I go by how my clothes fit. I thought this was working for me. As I get closer to my period, I gain a lot of water weight, so my clothes are definitely tighter then. Otherwise, I have been wearing the same pants and jeans for years. I have clothes that are older then some of my students. Well, you should have seen my blood pressure number after getting weighed. Ha. I told the nurse that number wasn't my normal and we waited a minute or so (I practiced deep yoga breathing) and the number went down. But, the number on the scale? I have NEVER seen that number before. And you know what my ob said, get some more cardio, since my metabolism is only going to get worse. That was not encouraging at all.

I drove home and was in tears for most of the ride. Old fat lady, was what I was thinking.  All this work and sacrifice and to see that number on the scale? Shock and awe. Food/ exercise/ food/ exercise it gets consuming and depressing. (Although I do really like to exercise. It makes me feel good.) Maybe this is as good as it gets. I look around at other women my age and am not impressed.

But, I got home, planned my menu for the next couple of days and am going to tabata this morning, knees be damned. I felt like one of those women featured in a "how I finally decided to lose weight" except that I do the exercising part. Obviously the nutrition part needs to be severely tweaked. Ease up on the chocolate peanut butter. So, I'm going to try to forget that number and just try to be healthy.

After tabata, I have a groupon for a massage. I'm so excited! And then, if I am not totally comatose, some cooking, cleaning and some shopping.

Any advice out there? I could use it!