Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm having one of those "why do I exercise?" moments!

Luckily, my daughter was up this morning and pushed me out the door to go to Group Kick. Once I was there, I was raring to go (it must be that time change!) and it felt good to exercise and I am so glad I went. But....

Today I am just full of doubts. I know there are tons of benefits to exercising, such as less stress, increasing longevity, improving mood, helping with aging and fighting diseases...the list goes on and on. I think what brought me down was that my weight has not changed at all. (As an aside, I am super bloated and perimenopause is the worst. My Lululemon clothes just looked awful on me. I feel like I could pop.)   I guess if I didn't exercise I would be as big as a house, and that is not a happy thought at all. So, yes, I will keep on going to the gym and hitting the weights and doing downward dog.  I guess this is my 47 year old body. Is this what aging is all about? I feel like with this last birthday, things really changed. I look a lot like my mother, which isn't a bad thing, but it is a shocking thing. I don't think I can eat any healthier than I do now, given my current lifestyle. I certainly can't eat any less, or I will fall down from hunger. I know nutrition is such a huge part of weight loss, but I'm just not able to see anything that is going to give, especially as I get older. So, that is my depressing rant. Thanks for listening. Tell me you have been there, done that! Wow, am I whiny today.

Anyway, who didn't have tears in their eyes yesterday watching Gomes and Saltalamacchia at the Boston Marathon finish line with the 2013 trophy and a 617 jersey? And that is not my stupid hormones talking!

After spending a small fortune yesterday, I am taking it easy this afternoon and cleaning my house. I want my floors to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building. How can it be dirty already? Dinner tonight is turkey meatballs, our favorite!