Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another lululemon store trip

I'm so glad that the holiday return policy is in effect! I'm not sure what to do! I probably shouldn't do any of this!

We went out for sushi last night, which was so delicious. What a treat!  In fact, it was my treat meal. I have been doing amazing, if I do say so myself, for 6 days with my fitness (the easy part) and my food (the struggle is real), and now I can keep going for another 6 days. Unfortunately yesterday I worked for 5 hours and didn't get to the gym, but my legs really, really, really needed a rest. I'm sure tabata today will be killer.

So the point of all this was that we stopped at the Lululemon store so I could see in person the items that have been in my cart all week.

Open Your heart Long sleeve. I wore this to work yesterday and it was so warm, I was actually sweating. That never happens to me, since I'm always the cold one, so I bought the purple last night. I don't love the color, I think it is a little dull, so I'm not cutting the tags off, but I do love the shirt. I didn't try it on and when I held it up to me at home last night it seemed super long, so I better try it on. I hope the sizing is consistent!

Base Runner pant. I ended up with this in all black. It was super comfortable, and perfect for work and "around." Also, the black looked dressy enough to wear out. I have to try it on again, though, because it was a lot of money for hanging around. I didn't find it compressive at all, because it is rulu, so I tried very hard not to look at my backside! Maybe it could go over shorts? I'll have to experiment a little.

Gather and grow full on luon. These just didn't do it for me. I have tried these on many times and between the calf and the little gathering at the back, it was an easy pass. Especially since my groove crops from so many years ago are still doing fine (have you heard that enough yet?). The material was thicker, so that was an improvement, but I just didn't love them enough to convince myself that I need them.

Yeah Yoga Crop. My daughter and I looked at those and decided there was too much going on.

Scoop Neck Tank Luon.  I tried it on for size and feel and it feels almost as good as my old, old ones. If it comes in other colors (dark, camouflaging colors), I would definitely purchase.

Push Ur Limits Tank. I decided that I don't love tanks that are Luxtreme. I'm not sure why. Plus, no tanks for me until I lose this extra tire. This was okay. I liked the back and the support.

Pure Balance Sweater.  Almost forgot! My daughter tried this on in grey and it looked fabulous on her (no boobs?). We ended up getting it in a 6, to share (ha), but I still think it might be better in a 4. I'm on the fence here. She loved the grey and it looked super on her, but on me all I could see was big and boxy. At least in black, it isn't so noticeable. I think. I'm not sure about this one. She practically fell over for the fabric, though!

I'm so glad I don't have to make a decision within the two week period. Too much pressure!

By the way, my nails chipped at work. The Julep Topcoat is going right in the trash. What a waste of 100 Sephora points. Sally Hansen is better and a whole lot cheaper! Anyone have a topcoat they can recommend?