Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fun at the mall!

Okay, that was as strenuous as any class I take at the gym. Why is walking and trying clothes on for 3 hours so difficult?

I did go into the Lululemon store and I saw both the pique and herringbone forme jackets. I tried the pique on and it was warm and cozy, but I felt a little like I was wearing shoulder pads from the back.  I certainly don't need another jacket, so my daughter convinced me to walk out without it. The other item I tried on was the Dhyana short sleeve. This I really had a hard time resisting. The material is soft, but a little clingy, and it fit very nicely. In fact, I thought the heathered black was nice enough to wear out with regular clothes. Alas, $58 for a short sleeve shirt is much, even for me. If it ever goes on WMTM, then I will consider it. I also felt up the groove brushed pants, and while there was definitely a thicker feel to the pants, I'm not sure I would have noticed it without being alerted to the change. Otherwise, there really wasn't a lot of new merchandise to look at or anything else that was tempting.  Looking forward to Tuesday, though!

I did stop at the Chanel counter of Macy's and paint my daughter's nails. And then totally forgot to go that way on the way out and didn't end up purchasing anything.There was a color that was very close to Vamp, which I have on my toes right now, but I can't remember the name. Maybe Accessoire?

I was going to buy that!  I liked Rose Moire, as it was a good neutral color for short nails. Darn, Darn, Darn. Macy's was also telling me about a  pre-sell of the Holiday colors, which was a gorgeous royal blue and a very black color with shimmer or glitter or something. I stopped listening when she said they were getting maybe 10 in.

I tried on clothes at Banana Republic and didn't even get undressed at Ann Taylor. Skipped J crew and got basic long sleeve cotton tee shirts at the Gap. I can't wear heavy sweaters anymore because I just sweat, sweat, sweat. Also forgot about new sneakers. Yup, I had a birthday last month and I can totally tell.

I did get my daughter an early Hanukah present! Gorgeous Frye boots! Meanwhile, I was drooling over a pair of Rag and Bone booties that cost....ready...$575. Okay, I need those knockoffs, so if anyone knows of a less expensive pair, LEAVE A COMMENT! There were some less expensive ones on the website, but wow.