Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Black Friday!

If you are out shopping and fighting the crowds, does that count as a workout? I am not shopping at all today and I am definitely not hitting any malls. Honestly, this happens every year- there really isn't anything that I need so despite the awesome prices, black Friday is a dud. We certainly do need any electronics, or kitchen stuff, or even household stuff. My presents are all done, since we celebrate Hanukah and my kids really just want clothes and cash. So instead, I am going to head to group step soon and skip the Turkey Trot, since it is 20 degrees and my daughter is still sleeping. Oh well, it was a fun idea. My knee will thank me later.

I placed an order with Lululemon yesterday with some of the Black Friday special edition items and the order went through, but I never got an email confirmation and I don't see any activity on my credit card. Of course, now, some of the items are out of stock. The wunder under crop with bow was cute, and I like the look of the inspire. I don't need pants, so that helps.  Since it can all be returned, there is no harm in ordering again, except I don't want that extra charge on my credit card.  I have a few ruffled items already, so I am really okay with it. The shopping cart page was acting very weird for me.

I did pretty well eating until it was time for the pecan pie bars, which I made. I had way too many, but they were so sweet and oozy gooey and it couldn't be helped. I just froze the rest of the bars so they are gone. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Now I have officially three weeks to go on my quest. That makes it sound so official and important.

It will feel good to exercise and get moving. Yesterday I walked for what seemed like forever on my treadmill while catching up on Homeland. I'm sorry, this show isn't doing it for me this season. Thank goodness Dana has moved out, because that storyline has always bothered me. Anyway, forever only burned a little bit of calories, so I'm looking forward to this morning. Is that sad? Is that awesome?

Here is the CRB I mentioned yesterday WITH LINING.

 And me in it :) It seems very long, but that is okay with me.

My casual side pose.

But, I don't want to cut the tags off yet, so it is back to the first base tank, which I end up wearing way too much and should have bought more when they came out.