Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What was I thinking...

when I said that I was tempted by the pink Luon Power Y tank? I forgot that black is my color. This is what I wore to group step this morning. My black Luon Power Y tank and groove crops. I forget the name of this pullover, the U turn or U run or something? It is reversible and is a perfect layer while warming up in a cold gym.

While I was stepping, being surrounded by zillions of mirrors, I had an epiphany.  I would buy the tank in the pink and then realize that it isn't as flattering as I think, and it would sit in my closet and then eventually I would sell it on Ebay. But in my defense, I thought the stripes would be camouflage. Oh well. I'm sticking with basic black and that is that. Maybe that dark, dark zinfandel color, though, that looks pretty gorgeous.

I think I know what is bothering me about the two new Lululemon tanks that were just uploaded (the Yeah Yoga tank and the Aria Tank 2) is that there is a lot of back being exposed. Now if you have a fabulous back, this may not be a problem. I definitely have to see where it stops on my back, I don't want to wear less material than a bathing suit and I definitely don't want back fat.

By the way, my Chanel nail polish is chipping on 8 our 10 nails, and I did this Saturday? I might have to give up my Chanel addiction. Maybe that is why I am suddenly close to finishing a nail polish bottle. Does anyone have success with Chanel, without having acrylic nails? I am pretty surprised that for the price, it doesn't stay on very well. I guess I am paying for the name and the fantastic colors, which never bothered me when the polish stayed on for a week at a time. ARGHHHH.