Thursday, October 24, 2013

Too something today!

Too tired? Too worn out? Too cold? Definitely too tired to run. Even though exercise would probably be a great thing for me mentally, I think I am going to collapse on the sofa. I stayed up a little later than normal to watch the Red Sox (woo hoo)! I also knew I wouldn't get a lot of sleep because my ultrasound was scheduled for early morning. It was all good, and I have to go back in six months, but talk about emotionally draining. The staff were wonderful. The ultrasound itself didn't take that long and the tech let me watch the screen, which was good (it is my breast, after all), because if I had to go by her facial expressions, I think I would have cried. Basically, lots of cysts and dense tissue. Thank you again, damn hormones, because that can play a big part, apparently. I did have to go for two more pictures with a mammogram and I thought I knew what pain was, but these two pictures brought tears to my eyes. I mean serious, serious pain. But, it is a relief nonetheless and I am a bit wiped. 

I did wear my Lululemon groove pants and cabin long sleeve, because I figured if I was going to hang out there all day, I might as well be comfortable. Little did I know I would be half naked for most of it. The WMTM was interesting this morning....didn't they just release all of those Nice Asana jackets and colors? Hmmm.... Nope, not even tempted a little.

Here is today's laugh!