Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's plan: barre and yardwork

It can't be put off much longer and today is supposed to get into the 70s, so I need to cut down the peonies, pull out the annuals, and before the ground freezes, put in the reflectors along the driveway for the snowplow. There's enough to do that it will actually be a workout. Not like tabata, although nothing is like tabata. I had to get up very early to take our exchange student to school, so today might be too tired to do anything.

Since Barre is a no impact class, I'm wearing an old, old, old, Lululemon scoop neck tank. This has held up so well, I don't know why I don't wear it more often. It is the thick Luon of old and it is lined. Perfect!! And my mod moves crop. Still waiting for new wunder unders crops. Or even groove crops. Those I would buy in a flash.

Yesterdays yoga was very fun and I think I've reached the point in my life when savasana is actually something to look forward to. I used to lie there and think of all the things that I would need to store, carpool, what's for dinner, bills... Now I think, "Oh no, is it over so soon?" I have even noticed that the flexibility in my hips is slowly getting better. When I first started taking classes in the late summer, I couldn't even cross my legs (like when you sit at a table). Now I can do that! Although I have a ways to go and it is nice to have something to work toward and see progress.

Gotta go burn those arms out! Want to come help me clean up the yard? Please?