Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lululemon upload 10/29

WHAT IS BRUSHED? I was excited to see the new waistband pattern on the groove pants but the fabric and cut is all different? What?  This is what it says: 

why we made this

We are all about embracing change, which is why we've updated the silhouette of our Groove Pant and made it with brushed luon fabric for the upcoming cold months. It's still the pant that takes us from yoga class to the gym and everywhere in between, with a couple of small changes that we listed below.

key features

  • the brushed luon fabric is wicking, feels fleecy soft against your skin and adds warmth for winter months
  • we've increased the rise at the back of the waistband to help eliminate the dreaded whale tail
  • we also narrowed the knee by 1" and broadened the hem sweep (the "bell") by the same amount
So, it is a heavier Luon but not full on? Is it like the old Luon? And, here is the kicker, it costs more? Even though it sounds like they cut out fabric? Basically, it is a warmer fabric. I think? I guess I have to feel this in person. I was all ready to hit purchase, and now I can't. Especially since it is over $100.  Let me know if anyone really can describe this to me. Now I am just curious. 

Otherwise, most of this is an easy pass, again. I bought the ruffle up Forme jacket when it came out early this fall and haven't worn it yet. I am going to try it on one more time and then I might get the herringbone. Or pique. Or whatever pattern it is. It is amazing to me that this got messed up. I used to think that a lot of these mistakes were just because a fantastic clothing company expanded very quickly. But, these kind of errors happen so frequently. I can't think of another company that continues to make mistake after mistake. It is a good thing that Lululemon customers are fanatics, but I would think that after a while, customers are going to start looking elsewhere. I am a stock holder and I have long held that Lululemon stock can only go up, and then stuff like this occurs. Yes, it may be minor, but it makes me wonder what is happening in corporate headquarters. 

Anyway, thanks for listening to my little rant. My daughter loved the potato soup. Huh. I'll find the link and post it, but I found it on Pinterest, of course.