Saturday, October 19, 2013

I think I found my new wear around the house all day long shirt!

And it is a lot of money.

I just meant to run in to Lululemon and run out, but I tried on the Keep it cozy crew. Yes, it is kindof boxy and yes, it is kindof squishy (like soft neoprene sort of), but boy is it warm. And since I can't afford to heat my house this winter, I spent a small fortune on a warm and cozy top. That makes sense, right? This picture is in a size too small. I ended up getting it in black and might break down and get it in the plum. I am 5 foot 1 and while it could have been longer, it wasn't short. I do love split pea, but I felt like a traffic cone or something.

I tried on the wunder under paisley and it was pretty awful. The pattern was great, but the crops had a sort of sheen to them so it was hard to tell if it was skin showing or just a reflection. I bent over and you could see the tag to my "unmentionables," as my grandmother would say. See second picture. Yuck. Oh well. 

But, on the plus side, what I have been hoping and hoping for (no, not groove crops) is a new pair of wunder unders.  I don't know if these are to be released this week, but I came out with a new pair of crops. The front is the first picture, mostly black but for the triangles. The back has the pattern. Just tilt your head to the side to imagine. 

Some of my other impressions? The raindrop jacket looked better in person and was longer looking than I thought. Don't need another rain jacket, though. The Avenue pullover looked like a lot of material and although it would probably be warm, I don't think I could fit a coat on top of it. It looked a little koala like with the pockets. I saw the Harmonious hoodie and if it weren't wool, I would have been all over it. I tried on the karma long sleeve and it was very soft, but TIGHT. I know for a fact that I haven't gained any weight, so this is cut very slim. And a tiny bit sheer. I also tried on the full tilt, and I have the same complaint that it was very tight. You could see every seam and bulge. A little too fitted for me. 

I didn't work out today but I did clean the garage. So a little guilt, but then also some sense of accomplishment. I feel like I am getting ready to hibernate and am getting the house ready. Tomorrow, more yard work. I am making up for being lazy on summer.