Monday, October 21, 2013

What a difference a good instructor makes1

I took a step class today. My legs were a little tired from my run yesterday and knew that if left to my own devices, I would be lazy and not push myself. There is something to be said for peer pressure and an instructor yelling (in a good way) at you. I should say motivating. Last time I took step, which at this point was probably a few months ago, I had so much fun and got a good workout (not like kick or tabata, but tiring enough that I was looking forward to the end). There were burpees and squat jumps and a lot more than just up, up, down, down. Today's class was with a different instructor and the cuing was just off, so I spent a lot of the time looking lost. I have taken step for years and could do this in my sleep, but not today. It was pretty disappointing. So after I rode the bike for a while and then took a free ab class. I am pretty wiped now, but in a good way! I only saw half of Walking Dead, I was so tired. I feel like I finally had a good night sleep! That's why I was raring to go today.

These are my new groove pants, and of course you can't see the waistband. But I know that it is there. I look a little mermaid-like in that first, blurry picture, but I do like the flare. I know the material isn't as thick and compressive as my old pants, but they felt pretty lightweight and that was fine with me. My tank is the Track Attack, I think. These names get so confusing and I wish they were stamped somewhere in the clothes. By the way, I broke down and got the keep it cozy crew in plum. My bad.