Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lululemon Upload 10/21

Well, I think I am saving some money this week, which is okay by me since I spent a crazy amount on those Keep it cozy crews. I know I won't be buying any tanks in the pretty pink color. I would think that could only look good on someone with no extra body fat or bulges. I can't imagine wearing the Power Y in that color, especially the luon light. My hats off to anyone who can wear it. By the way, what bottoms does she have one? Anyone know? 

I don't need any pants, so I am safe again! After wearing my new groove pants to step yesterday, I was actually considering getting another pair, but I can wait for a pattern that I "must have." 

The Live Simply jacket looks okay. I think I would have to see it in person and I certainly don't need another layer, so I am safe again!

Where I am going to need some willpower: the black and white hatha bag. Luckily a woman I work out with has the all black one, so it would be too weird for me to show up with it. And, there is a very pretty yellow long sleeve swiftly and the color looks very saturated, so it won't be see through (I hope). 

Wishlist: groove crops and wunder under crops, a top similar to cabin long sleeve, a tee shirt that isn't burnout material or see through, since I don't always want to work out in tanks. I'll keep my fingers crossed. OH, I see some new colors in the race me top, but I haven't tried it on yet and $68 is a lot of money for a new top. But, that has me interested.... I haven't seen any pictures of "real women" wearing it. It has gotten great reviews, has anyone out there tried it yet? Let me know!