Monday, October 28, 2013

Sucker for punishment! Time for Skinny Will pants.!

Last week I ranted a little bit about an instructor and her cuing, but what am I doing this morning? Going back for the same thing. Some days it is just easier to have someone else push me, and today is definitely one of those days. When I say punishment, though, I also mean the fact that my knee is still hurting, but I am going to go exercise anyway. The way I look at it, rather than run and really do some damage, I'm going to do step and only do a little damage. But, definitely no jumping. No. No. No.

I think folks in Boston are pretty tired this morning! I remember the last World Series and how everyone at work was a zombie. It is a good kind of zombie, though, and I am not complaining. Well, I will if they lose. So today, I could be too tired and blame it on the Red Sox. I'm sure the national tv networks have some insane reason why the games have to start so late. By the time I am ready for bed, if I am lucky, it is the 4th inning. So come on Red Sox and finish this out!

The recipes that I made yesterday are just okay. I'm waiting for dinner tonight to see what my daughter thinks. I have a feeling that they are going to go right in the trash. But chili and potato soup with corn muffins are on the menu.

It is pretty cold this morning and I dug out my Skinny Will pants in black. I also bought these in inkwell. I really, really love these pants. I love the pockets and the high waist. Since I am so short, I roll up the bottoms like a cuff, although sometimes I wear them scrunched at the bottom. The drawstring is a bit of a bother, since it adds extra to the waistline. That I could do without, since it isn't really holding anything up. But, pulling it out seems so final. Has anyone done that? I could also see putting on a pair of boots and a nice top and wearing these pants out. I can't remember the name of this tank, because I am not organized and don't save those little tags. I wish it was stamped somewhere on the garment! And with that, I'm off to start my day!