Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Downward Dog was NOT a resting pose today. What to wear to hot yoga?

What to wear...what to wear? I feel like I am 15 years old again. I tried on about ten different tops today to wear to yoga and the belly bulges were bothersome. How is that alliteration? I think in all of the pictures that I am going to put up it may be a little hard to tell because the tops are all black! At least I hope it is hard to tell. I am still feeling bloated and disgusting from my days in New Orleans, but I can't use that excuse for much longer. Time to really put the petal to the metal. Or go the extra mile. Or some other crazy expression. I have definitely lost weight since I started this blog and am inspired to keep going, but boy is it hard. Everyone knows that! And I know I can exercise all day long and it is still the nutrition part that makes the difference. As I mentioned before, taking pictures really shatters all illusions and keeps me sortof honest! So here goes....

This is the Power Y Ziggy wee september black. I really like this and I think part of the reason is the cups. That makes it okay in my book, but, I don't particularly like the way it shows a lot of back bulges, but that is behind me (sorry lady behind me in class). It seems like the perfect top to wear to hot yoga and I might just rip that hangtag. I do have the full luon one, which is nicer, but this might be a good second.

This is the ruffled up CRB. Don't these pictures all look alike? Anyway, it is ok. I do seem to wear it a lot because it is long and covers up the bum. It isn't as fitted as some of the other CRBs I have, so it is good on certain days. 

This is the heart opener and I really don't like this on me at all. Too bad I had to wear it to find out. I can't get the straps to lay right and the fabric, while super soft, is also super clingy, so you can actually see the seams to the waistband to the wunder unders (in addition to bulges). It will be an expensive coverup.