Friday, October 25, 2013

I think this is my Friday outfit!

For power yoga, at least! I am wearing a Lululemon Power Y LUON tank and wunder under crops. Easy peasy. My shirt doesn't ride up in downward dog, but I do find myself adjusting this tank a lot, but that is okay. The luon version is so much better than the luon light, but I can deal with the luon light, but only in a dark color. I also decided to cut the tags on a Scuba I bought a while ago. It was past return time, so I don't know what was stopping me. I am 5 foot 1, and you can see that it is just hitting at the hip. And I'm sure I pull this down as well. I can't imagine how someone a lot taller can wear this. I really fell for this pattern, because I had sworn off scubas. Oh well. I missed the last five minutes of my yoga class on Wednesday to rush to work. I can't believe how much I miss that Savasana pose. I went to be super early last night. I think I was really emotionally drained! I got a good night sleep, so I am ready to go and I won't worry about falling asleep in class. By the way, the Chanel polish is just starting to chip at the ends and I totally forgot to put on clear the last couple of days. I think the Essie base coat really made a difference. I could totally make it to Sunday, and that would be almost a week. WOW. Does that mean I can buy some more Chanel polish? UH OH!