Saturday, October 12, 2013

I had no power for Group Power

Oh my! My normal weights were so heavy today. Granted, I haven't been to this class in ages, but ouch. I went way down on bicep weight because it was one of those old tracks that had no breaks and lots of little pulses at the bottom, the middle and the top. I can feel those biceps now and it kindof feels good! I think the squats got me because my legs were a little fatigued from yesterday's run. That's my excuse and I am sticking with it. Even the chest press track was hard. It was one with an inclined bench, and just that slight change in the angle is enough to be challenging. Since it was a no impact kind of class, I wore my Lululemon no limits tank that I got last winter and my mod moves crops. I was one big black and white stripe! Don't look at the messy hair (okay that made you just look, right?) because I thought the class was actually 15 minutes later than it really was. Thank goodness for gangbusters! I'm making a baked french toast right now for my company. Have you ever made one before? This is my first time and it was so much easier than dipping the bread in egg, cooking it and then doing it all over again. I hope it tastes good. If so, I'll definitely post it. Gotta go check on the oven! Have a great Saturday!