Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quick trip to Lululemon

Of course my order from last week was delivered after I came back from Lululemon. I ordered two CRB- the grey ziggy wee october and angel wing- and they are both going back. They both felt a little snug to me and in this case, I know it isn't me. Being consistent in the sizing is one thing that drives me crazy about Lululemon. I know I have said this before and I know that they will excuse it by saying different prints do different things, but other companies are able to take these things into consideration. I'd like to think that it would cut down on a little of my returns if I knew that every item was going to be  sized right. It has a very different feel than my soot one, that I wear over and over. I really hesitate to order an energy bra because I have seen on various forums how different they run. Anyway, I also didn't love the feel to it and since I am trying to cut down on my Lululemon purchases, I have to be gaga for it and I wasn't. I returned the other heart opener because the straps made me a little crazy halfway through my class. It will probably be a great "coverup" in the summer so I can leave the gym and hit the food store and throw it on. That is a very expensive coverup.

So today I ordered the 105 singlet in cornflower blue (finally!!) , and a Power Y in ziggy wee september black. While it isn't the regular luon (I love the Power Y one I just got), it is good enough and the material is light enough for hot yoga. The singlet wasn't in my store and the Power Y was out of stock in my size so I have to wait a whole week.  I also tried on the Wunder Under crop in Ziggy wee september black, and while the fabric was super soft, I wasn't convinced about the sheer factor. Plus, as I have said before, I felt a little like I was wearing Wolford tights. I also tried on the In the flow crop 2 for a second time, and while I liked it a lot, I didn't like the coverage when I bent over. Of course I am probably hyper paranoid about this, but the person behind me really doesn't want to know me that well. Or maybe they do?? hahah. Maybe it would be different in a different color (I tried on inkwell). I think I will be just sticking to my wunder unders for a while now. There were a lot of pants and I'm just not looking for those right now, so I can't vouch for any of it. The ebb to street pants looked like the in the flow crop, but just longer. I don't love the journey crop, with all that mesh on the back. I think it is a bit much. I might have had a willpower problem if the Inspire wee are from space crops were available. That would know my socks off.  I'm trying to stick to Luon and not any shiny fabrics (I have a lot of those in the mod moves crop). They redesigned my store so all of the winter coats were up front. I can walk right by those because I am all set with coats. Overall, not terribly impressed with the upload and I am thankful for that since I have been spending too much money and too much time returning!

I went into Sephora to get my birthday present. Do you all (see, I'm going South in a few days) know about it? Its from Benefit and it is very cute. I also got a whole sample thingie of Living Proof. Jennifer Aniston's company. Does anyone use it and like it? I can't wait to do my hair...and I never say that. Maybe I'll even post a picture of me WITHOUT a ponytail.