Monday, October 21, 2013

Have you ever finished a nail polish bottle?

I am so close! It's hard to tell in this photo since I shook the bottle up, but I am getting there. Plus, this is a color I wear mainly in the fall. I do think I have had this color for a few years, though, so it is time to finish it. I don't know why this is making me so happy. My daughter finished a lip gloss and she probably posted it all over twitter and instagram and snapchat. Plus, my nails are almost all grown out from having acrylic for so many years! That is what really has me thrilled. After having fabulous looking nails for years, I spent the last 4 months embarrassed to show my hands. This is not the best manicure, but that is my left hand. I'm glad I have my nails painted because I am so cold in this house that I think my nails are actually blue underneath the polish. I love nail polish since it is such an easy way to perk up an outfit or a day! I have really only used Chanel because the colors are really so wonderful and it stayed on my acrylic nails just fine. I'm waiting to see how it does with my own awful nails. I do have an Essie basecoat and a CND topcoat, so I hope that boosts the staying power. Speaking of being so cold....

Here I am again in the Lululemon keep it cozy crew. I am really not totally sold on this but it is incredible warm. I think the fleece is making it bulky (and not my own bulk, right?) I have had it on all afternoon and just can't cut those tags yet. I really did want something that I can throw on and not worry about what is underneath (no zip up hoodies). Is that a good enough excuse?