Thursday, October 3, 2013

barre burns my butt

I'm sure there is a lovelier way to say that, but wow, today's barre class really worked my glutes. Good thing I'll be on a plane for the next million hours, headed into a hurricane, maybe. Why am I not surprised? I'm still amazed at how such small, isolated movements can hurt. I love it! I wore a Lululemon no limits tank (perfect because there is no support for me and this is about as low impact a class as you can get) and my wunder unders. I'm still waiting for more patterns - on the waistband and not the pants! My teenage daughter can get away with that, but not me. While I love this top because it is flowy and doesn't show bulges, it might be a tad too flawy! What do you think?

I used all the Living Proof hair products that I got from Sephora and my hair looks the same right now as if I used a Morrocan oil product. The big test will be when I get to humid, hot New Orleans.

Perfect outfit to wear on the airplane? Studio Pant, gap tee and my voyage hoodie. I noticed the all black voyage hoodie is on WMTM and I have been coveting that one, but I think I might have enough black to last a lifetime, so I am going to convince myself to pass. So far, it is working. Have a great weekend! I'll be back in the swing of things on Monday, especially after all that yummy New Awlins food!