Friday, October 11, 2013

Why I just had to go run today

I thought this would be my rest day, since the air conditioner guy was coming to fix my broken something or other and he would spend half the day here. After five minutes, he called me over to say that we had a bigger problem. Yup, one that would cost about $3000. I said thank you, call me in the spring, and put on my running shoes to work it out. It has been almost two months since I last tried to run and today was the perfect day to start again. It was 60 degrees and sunny and the foliage was amazing and I had an abundance of energy.

(This is near my house and today there were a bunch of Canadian geese swimming. )

Well I did it and my left leg felt good. But, my oh my was it a slow run. I know exactly where the mile marks are so I could convince myself that I could do this for one more mile. I just wanted to finish and didn't really look at the clock since I wasn't really sure how much I could push myself. If only the route was completely flat, because when I finished my 3 miles, I actually felt like I could keep going. Although that would have meant going uphill and I quickly squashed that though. The best news? I don't even feel like I need a nap now! I wore my 50 rep bra (ultimate in smoosh), blue long sleeve swiftly and groove pants. I had pictures, but deleted them. Sorry, but I didn't like the way my abs (ha) were showing. I think I also have to add some more new songs to get me going. What are you listening to that really gets you going? My new favorite, and it may sound silly, is One Republic, Counting Stars. But, yeah, new songs would help. Cheaper than new clothes!

Yesterday I went to return my Lululemon items and I walked out of the store with zip. My daughter was so proud of my willpower, until I confessed and said that I didn't like any of the new items out.

I was tempted by the new paisley print that is in the Power Y, but I just got one and can't justify two.  I am very bummed though because last year I bought a rulu top for running. I don't know the name of it but it was reversible and now the seam is fraying at the bottom. Honestly, I probably wore this top 20 times max and have never put it in the dryer. If it continues, I might have to take drastic action.

I ran into a different TJX and they didn't have my daughter's bliss face wash. But it was a runway store. Honestly, I had to runaway so I didn't spend any money there.