Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Decision by Indecision- Power Y tank

Well, it sat on my dresser for more than two weeks, so I officially own the Power Y tank. I'm wearing it to hot yoga today since it really is the perfect tank...except for the way it fits me! Or, I should say, the way I look in it. That side pictures is a killer. Anyway, here are the photos (cringe). If only I could target the area from the bra line to the waistline. On a happier note, these are the new wunder under crops, that didn't get uploaded the other night. Of course, you can't see the waistband. You just have to take my word for it.

I really am too tired to do anything today-especially yoga, a few hours of work, and then all of the after school stuff moms get to do. I have an appointment tomorrow to get an ultrasound of my left breast. I guess I have dense tissue.  A zillion mammogram pictures later, and I have to wait. I'm not good at waiting. So that kept me up half the night. I"m sure it is nothing, but I worry nonetheless. Last time I had an ultrasound was about 17 years ago. Staying busy today helps and then I have an appointment bright and early tomorrow. No barre class for me, boo hoo. Off to the gym...