Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I wanted to wear to power yoga

I have only a few days left before that restrictive two week return period is up and I just don't know if I should keep this the Lululemon power Y tank. I thought the dark pattern would be dark enough, but looking at these pictures, all I can see are bulges. Except, it is really the perfect tank to wear to hot yoga, since I don't have to later struggle out of a sweaty bra and it holds the girls in place. I feel very naked in it, though, and I'm not sure why. And self-conscious. Such a dilemma. 

 I am wearing my wunder unders and no I do not have a thigh gap by any means! But I can strike a pose, can't I?? I thought about those paisley wunder unders and saw a picture of them and think the pattern is just too busy for me. I would love that pattern on a waistband, though.

So, this is what I ended up wearing instead. My Lululemon energy bra and CRB. The bulges are still there but the pattern helps camouflage it/ them a little better. I hope. I think there are a lot of pictures of me in this tank for that very reason.