Sunday, October 27, 2013

You can't out exercise a bad diet

So enough is enough now, and I am motivated and cooking, baby! I know some people like a variety in their diet, but when I get into one of these moods, I eat the same thing every day for breakfast, lunch and snacks, since I know what is healthy and easy. The quinoa is keeping me quite full and that is a great new addition to the repertoire. The big difference is dinners, and that changes nightly. I am trying a new chili recipe and a potato soup recipe this week. If I can get tomorrow's dinner cooked tonight, then I can go to a 1 1/2 power yoga class, since I am going to work on Wednesday instead. That is motivation. I can be busy and not watch the Patriots out of the corner of my eye. My daughter eats like a bird and is picky, picky, picky, so she keeps me on my toes. Anyway, I am on day 3 of this and my goal is to get a whole week of really clean eating, and that means no extra chocolate peanut butter (that is the hardest one for me!). I've also been all over Pinterest looking for some new ideas, since when this week is over, I will be pretty tired of some of these foods. What are your favorite snacks? That is the hardest one for me!

I never made it to the mall yesterday. After I realized that adding my daughter to my insurance would be an extra thousand dollars, I felt that I shouldn't really be shopping. Plus, I promised my daughter new boots for the fall and we will be going to Nordstrom on Saturday anyway. Oh well. Hopefully, the next Lululemon upload will be awful and I won't be tempted. Yeah, right.

I went to Power and Kick today. I always hate the first time I do a new Power track, since I could have gone heavier on a lot of tracks, but I just didn't know. I like the bicep track, where the arms are out wide and then staggered. I also love the dead squats, or whatever those are called. My right knee is a little painful right now. I don't know why and can't quite figure out when it hurts, but I think in a lunge position, so I took it light there. I know, the aches and pains are growing.

Here I am in my groove crops, of course, black ruffle up cool racerback tank, and faded zap energy tank. I might try on the gather and grow crops, which seem to be the replacement for the groove crops, but I can't get past the split on the calf. It looks like my calves were too big and broke the seams. But, it might be time to admit defeat.

My nails are finally back to normal! It took about 4 months to grow them out from the damage from acrylics. This is one of my favorite Chanel colors. Black Pearl.  Don't look closely, it took forever to dry and I smudged half the fingers. This bottle is about 3/4 done and very gloppy, but I have had it for a while, though. Why do Chanel colors have to be so amazing? And expensive? I'm going to continue with the clear coat daily, since that seemed to make a big difference. Yikes, I have my mother's hands.