Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lululemon Run First Base Tank

I sometimes love this tank and sometimes really hate it. I think I love it until I see it on me. The rulu is super soft, but I find it is kindof clingy, so I see where my groove crops end, and I can sortof make out the band of patterned fabric around the waist. I really like the way the black hyper stripe looks online and am so tempted to order it. I like the generous coverage in the back and butt and it isn't as tight as the CRB. I am also loving the commuter denim scuba. I know I said no more scubas. Help! Anyway, here are some photos. That side picture is really killing me lately. I'm off to group kick and I'm running late! I have to go eat my oatmeal with chocolate peanut butter and fix my hair. Haha.