Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Newest Lululemon Upload...boring?

Luckily, I am not looking for any more running pants or sweaters or anything cold-weather related. I am all set from last year and since I'm not exactly running again...I can't justify any of it. Although, I think I might try running in a few days since everything feels good and it has been long enough! I'm sure it is going to be painful and depressing. But, here are my two cents on last night's upload.

I'm thrilled because I am trying to be okay with what I have and there was nothing posted last night that really made me jump. These are the three items that really stuck out for me, though.

Keep it cozy crew. Does it look like the voyage crew? I bet it is super soft and very cozy and if I saw it in person, I would probably want it even though I don't need it. It does look short, though. I'm short and don't even like the short fits.

Can't stop pant. I really like the idea of these and if I were looking for pants, then these might be just right, but I am all set with Will pants and groove pants.  I don't need luxtreme unless I am going outside to run. boo hoo.

Paisley scuba. I do really like the pattern, but I don't need/particularly love the way the scuba fits me (tight and short). I hope this pattern comes in a CRB or on a waistband to wunder under crops. That would make my day. Speaking of wunder under crops, I do hope Lululemon releases more because not everyone wears pants all winter. And I'm even in the northeast, so what about all those ladies in the south or CA?  As long as I have my Ugg boots on, I am covered and much prefer the crops. Do I have to wait until the spring to see more crops. I can't remember what happened last year?

I think my order from last week is expected today and then I will head over to my local store on Thursday or Friday to retrun the two CRBs that just too snug (not my fault!!).

I'm back on my smoothie kick and today had the Dr Oz coconut chai for lunch. Yum and surprisingly filling. I feel I have to detox/cleanse after 3 days in the big easy. I think I was sweating a hurricane or cajun cosmo at the gym this morning.