Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An invitation to

I think I have posted this before, but lately the deals have been too good to keep to myself. Remember when I wrote up about the Laura Mercier face polish last week? Guess what is on for an amazing price. Know what my daughter uses to keep her curls in check? Ouidad. Yup, it is on gilt city this week. Of course the clothes and jewelry are fantastic, but I find myself buying a lot of beauty products for super prices. I'm also in the market for a new coffee machine because I think my Keurig might be on its last legs. I'm holding out for Nespresso. Has anyone used it? Do you love it? Does anyone even make drip coffee anymore? Anyway, here is the link. By the way, if you use it, I think we both get $25. Can't beat that right?

Lululemon clothes are way too expensive (that doesn't mean I don't buy them) so I am always looking for a way to save a few pennies. Happy shopping!