Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Can I have another rest day, please?

Oh am I dragging today. But I did drag myself to the gym and I feel a little better! We did a lot of TRX exercises today and I love them for my glutes and legs. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow! I wore the ruffled up CRB, faded zap energy bra and groove crops.

I think I will be able to get to a Lululemon store this weekend, so I am holding off buying anything online. But, these are my thoughts! Luckily, I don't need any pants or cold weather running clothes, so that eliminates a whole category that might be tempting for me.

The harmonious sweatpants looked like a slam dunk to me and then I saw that they were wool, so I can forget about that. I think it will be too warm for me. Same goes for the Harmonious Hoodie. Plus, the price is way too high.

The raindrop jacket looks like it might be okay, but I did just buy the Right as Rain long jacket. I wouldn't wear this running (since I'm not running), and since it looks short, I'm not sure how much usage I would get out of it. Is my butt covered or is it going to get wet? Also not sure about the flaps on the back. Unless it knocks my socks off in person, I will pass.

I love the 105 singlet, but am holding off buying it since the blue one I had fit so differently from the grey one. If I could only try it on, but my store hasn't stocked any of these tanks and didn't even know anything about it. I would buy it in a second if it fit right and laid right, and it is too hard to tell from these photos. Has anyone seen one in person yet?

Avenue pullover in black looks okay, but the price is too expensive. Although, I think it is probably something I could live in all winter. I have to see it in the store.

Paisley wunder unders. I have been waiting for another pair of these crops, but I'm not sure if I can get away with this pattern. I loved the pattern in the Power Y tank, so it might be okay, or it might be too busy. So overall, I am waiting for a trip to the store.