Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sally Hansen to the rescue

Wow. This stuff is incredible!

I just touched up my Chanel manicure, because every nail looked awful, and I used this to get it to dry. My mom told me about this insta-dri top coat and as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes mother really does know best. I am shocked how quickly my nails dried! Shocked! I even put an oven mitt on after 10 minutes and no smudges at all.

Best news? CVS is having a deal where if you spend $10 on Sally Hansen, you can get $4 EB back. I think each bottle is $7.99 at my local store. You know me, always looking for a deal, so I can spend $108 on Lululemon yoga pants that should be $98. NOT.

Actually, I am thinking about buying a Nespresso machine. I have a Keurig, which is great in the morning when I am half asleep and just need something hot and caffeinated right away. But wouldn't it be nice to have a real cup of coffee in the afternoon? Anyone have a reason to talk me out of this?