Thursday, October 10, 2013


I know I have my caps on and I am definitely yelling! I just tried on my 105 singlet in cornflower, which I have been waiting for and so excited about, and it is going back today. Why? Because it fits totally differently from the grey one that I have. The neckline is so large that it doesn't even lay flat on me and the back is so long that you see my entire bra and a lot of skin. I'm  not sure which 105 singlet is the "correct" fit, grey or blue, but one fits me well and the other looks like I draped myself with leftover fabric. And yes, both are a size 6. So, today when I go back to the store I will be returning 3 items where the sizing is inconsistent! 2 CRBs and this tank. I still don't get why this is so difficult, but apparently quality control is still a problem because they seem to be constantly pulling items that don't meet their standards, but only after they have been sold. Have you ever even heard of another company that does this? Can you imagine Nike or North Face or even Under Armour doing this month after month after month? And let's be honest, I think when you complain to the "educators" when they ask why it is being returned, nothing is being done about it. I am so frustrated that I have to go back within the "2 week window!" My time is much more valuable than that and I will be seriously reconsidering what I buy now. Here are some pictures.

So what did I end up wearing today to Barre (and then if I am motivated, Tabata)? Ta Ta Topper, which I noticed is on WMTM. I definitely need to go workout because I am so angry. Wish I had group Kick today!