Sunday, October 20, 2013

More pictures of the keep it cozy crew

I might break down and get this in another color. I just put it on to take this pictures I and don't want to take it off. My right hand is pointing to where it ends on me, since it is a little hard to tell in the all black outfit. SInce it is so thick and cozy, it is a little bulky. I've also got on my mod moves crop (pocket!!) that I am wearing so I can go run after I get my daughter from half way across Massachusetts. If I don't put my gym clothes on today, I will do absolutely nothing but watch the Patriots and think about going running. First, a very long drive, very early in the morning. I get mom points for this one!

This is Long sleeve faded zap Swiftly and I am listing it today on ebay. What was I thinking? 

This is what I actually am wearing out in public today. Better, but not great. 

And for your laugh of the day. I need one, since I was up late watching the Red Sox win! Yippee. Definitely too tired to do much today.