Monday, September 30, 2013

Favorite Lululemon Shirt Ever?

Long sleeve Cabin. At least, I think that is the name. It is reversible, heavy enough to be warm but still light enough to layer, soft as butter, and I wish I had more than two. This purple one is a little faded. I "save" my black one and don't wear it. I feel like I have had it forever and don't know a comparable shirt.  I wore it with an old pair of groove pants to take the puppy for a long, long walk. My workout today is cleaning the house and it is nasty.

But, BREAKING BAD IS OVER! I am so sad. The show ended, and I just went, "Of course. That's how it should end." I wish I had more Jesse and one last Saul line, but I can be happy with Badger and Skinny Pete. Walt threatening Eliot and Gretchen was just brilliant. Finding Walt in the kitchen with Skyler, I think I stood up. The good news is I am starting from episode 1 with my daughter who never saw the beginning. And it only gets better. I think I am in withdrawal. Thank you Vince Gilligan for a wonderful show.