Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You can't believe the scam text I just got!

I was sitting down to write this post and this is the message I just got from on my phone!  Now I don't know anyone by this name and it showed up on my phone and not my iMac, so I know it is spam, but it goes likes this: "A friend has referred you for a free trial of" How appropriate!! I'm torn between laughing and crying. Anyway, DELETE.

I am so, so sore from yesterday's class. I know where my glutes are! That was going to be the name of this post, before my phone dinged. Really sore. The reason I love being sore is that means that something I did yesterday "worked."  I got to step today, and except for the all the squats, that were made even more difficult by my sore butt, the class was fine. I just said to myself that I was going to give it my all and don't be a baby and push on through and there are only a few songs left, etc. It worked fine, but I totally ran out of steam for the last track.

I wore my Lululemon soot CRB, green energy bra and wunder under crops. By the way, it is much easier to get out of a bra when it is soaking wet with sweat (ew) because it stretches a bit. No pretzel contortionist moves or fancy yoga positions to take it off!

By the way, I just read an article that talking selfies can help you lose weight. Well, duh! But, I challenge you to do just that. If I can put myself out there for the whole world to see (that is really stretching it, but that is how it feels), then you can do it on your phone or computer. It really is a great way to keep track and be honest. Then you can look back and see progress and that is inspiring. Try it, you will like it. Well, not really like it, because I don't like what I see, but I think it really does help.