Sunday, December 15, 2013

Shoveling snow in my pjs

Actually, just "cleaning up" the driveway - our plow guy did a pretty good job- and digging out steps to the mailbox.  More salt got put down, too, because it is about 15 degrees out, without the wind chill.  I think we got about 8 inches last night. The roads were fine by 12 and we could have gone out....but we didn't. The idea of heading to a store now just terrifies me. Anything we need can wait until after Christmas craziness.

We are both in our pjs, having a lazy day, getting ready to watch a movie. After watching The Little Mermaid last night (my daughter begged and begged. Yes, she is almost 17) today I voted for Looper or Zero Dark Thirty. We wouldn't all of our braincells to shrivel up and die, right? Actually, she was doing homework and I was reading "King and Maxwell" by David Baldacii, which kept me going all day. It has been many, many years since I watched Ariel and Prince Eric and those old Disney movies were good! Have I sunk to a new low?

And although I was in pjs, I also had on high Ugg boots, long North Face coat, hat and mittens, so the only part of pjs that anyone could see was about 5 inches of my legs. I just couldn't leave you with that visual.

Tomorrow, off to the gym and back to the grind!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.