Sunday, December 8, 2013

I made it to Group Kick, but slept right through the Power class. That is okay, because I obviously needed it and I finally got a good night sleep. I rolled over about 730 for the first time. Thanks hormones, I can also add sleep issues to the list of growing problems because of you!

So I was able to kick and punch and it felt great! Except something went wrong and the heat went on and with the fans blowing hot air, everyone in the class had to take it down a notch. Or ten. My face was bright red. So disappointing. I pay a small fortune to belong to this gym and the temperature is always an issue. But, I was very proud of myself for doing weight work before and after. All in all, a good workout. I wore my Lululemon groove pants, a black 50 rep bra (I don't think I can get this off, by the way), and the 105 singlet in grey.

I tried on some of my latest Lululemon special edition purchases, and the lace inspires are definitely going back. The lace at the bottom of the legs seemed to cut in a little and realistically, I don't need these at all. I thought the fabric was very compressive.

I tried on the wunder under pants with the lace on the bottom of the legs, and really liked these. I didn't think that the lace was very noticeable, though. I thought since I was short that bunching would be an issue, but it is not. I don't have a pair of these in pants, and I'm not sure what to do. Yay or nay?

By the way, my face is so soft today! My bottle of Tarte maracuja oil is enormous and it will take me years to go through all of that- even applying it to my hands and neck, too.  I think that any product that is approved for my face is also good enough for my hands, and I slather it on. I already have age or big brown spots on my hands and I don't want that to continue at all. That's just my personal feelings and I have no idea if this is a good idea or not.  I put my retinol product and my Murad rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum on my hands at night.

Tomorrow, I was all signed up for that super hard spin class, but instead, I am home from 8am to 8pm to hopefully get this cable business all sorted out. It seems that as soon as it rains, or snows, I lose service, so somewhere, somehow, something is getting wet. Doesn't that seem like a fun day! Argh. You know that just means that they will come at 8 at night. And then not find anything. AGAIN. Anyway, time to shower and then do a million errands, since yesterday was a completely wasted day and I should pretend Saturday never existed.