Thursday, December 12, 2013

Barre and a quick, I mean slow, run

I got to the gym ready for Barre, and I was 10 minutes early, so I ran a fast (for me) half mile and then took my class. My left arm is so much weaker than my right. And why is it easier to do 8-12 reps of overhead press with 12 lbs than hold a 3 lb in that position for 30 seconds? Ouch. After, I did another mile on the treadmill. I was a little curious how my knee would feel and didn't want to push it, so I stopped after that. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Today I wore old Lululemon groove pants, energy bra, and black ruffle CRB. And, my Uturn pullover from last year, because, baby it's cold outside!

The newest Lululemon upload didn't do a lot for me, and that is good, because my bills this month have been ridiculous! A few things have really caught my eye, though. I love the patchwork quilt waistband on the run inspire II! And I would love some energy bras in the new patterns. The weekend warrior bag looks great, but I would need a really super pattern to buy this, and I don't really need a new bag. Thankfully, that is it! 

My daughter didn't love the squash, black bean, onion and avocado quesadilla that I made Monday night, but tonight's dinner is the best and I know I have mentioned it here before: southwestern egg rolls. Oh, I can't make it before lunch because I will end up eating them all day long! I'm having leftover pesto turkey meatloaf for lunch (super easy and delicious ) and my snack, in about 30 seconds, will be Fage greek yogurt with cherry! It is like having a cherry pie for a snack. My stomach is rumbling! Must go now :)