Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The mall was my workout today

Actually, it was the traffic and the snow. I think between the snow and Christmas next week, everyone has turned into a horrible driver. Of course, the snow makes the streets narrower and the piles along the side make it harder to see and harder to navigate, but still! This is New England. And it is not our first snowstorm.  When I got to the Nordstrom's parking lot, I just had to laugh. I guess when people pulled in this morning, they couldn't find the white lines to delineate parking spots, so they just made their own. There were literally cars parked three deep and I have no idea how the cars in the middle were getting out. And then other cars "pretended" they couldn't see the double lines marking where it was illegal to park. Ha. Oh well. I found a spot and went in to do my errands. 

Burberry, I love you, and I hope to see my coat before it is spring. I could have bought a lot of things in there....The customer service was so fabulous, I thought the gentleman helping me was going to give me his home phone number, he was so helpful. Good customer service is a pleasure.

Lululemon. I got the parallel stripe wunder under crops. I am going to try them on later. Look out ebay, because I'm not sure I have the guts to wear them. I returned the striped swiftly and pique crops (I am sad about that one). I had to be in and out, so I didn't get to look at much. Plus, I know if I look, then I buy. I really only want energy bras, and I don't love the brisk bloom. I would love the parallel stripe in an energy bra, though. 

J. Crew. I have been hitting the jackpot at this store lately. It is funny how sometimes that happens. I walked out with three tops. 

I wish I could wear sweaters... they had some fabulous ones.... but I just sweat and sweat in them. The bottom one is half sweatshirt (blue) and half sweater material. Perfect for me. I have to spend a little time online, because they have a lot more selection than in the stores.

By the way, you won't be seeing any grilling recipes from me for a while. Why? 

It is clean out the fridge night. We have to eat these leftovers: pesto meatloaf, potato skins, southwestern egg rolls, potato soup, and jambalaya. Yes, I guess we do eat pretty well in this house. Leave a comment if you want any recipes. Everything except for the jambalaya is easy (we like to pretend we are with my son in New Orleans).

The snowplows woke me up at 5 this morning, so it is time for me to have my Nespresso and chill on the sofa for a while. Have a great day and be careful with those crazy drivers.