Friday, December 13, 2013

"High knees" make me want to cry

I made to an early step class, and sweat through my Lululemon bangbuster. (Autocorrect always wants to make that into gangbuster, which makes me smile.) By the last song, I was sufficiently worn out, so that makes me feel good. Even though at the time I felt bad. Does that make sense?

It looks like I will be snowed in on Sunday morning, so no kick or power. Tomorrow might have to be a killer workout day. Maybe. Oh, to be five years old again, when snow means fun and not money to have my driveway shoveled and worry about my teenager driving in the snow and having to reschedule missed plans. But my daughter and I can watch some movies together!

I received my latest Lululemon order and I just don't know what to do. Luckily I have a little time to decide. These are the black pique wunder under crops that I ordered last Friday, I think. I love the pattern and they are dark enough to look black, until you are up close. I think they might run a little small though. Does anyone out there have these and think that? Please say yes. I thought it was opaque enough, and it is not my skin showing through here, but the pattern. It is next to my black groove crops so you can see the difference.

I also got the long sleeve black swiftly black stripe and while it is gorgeous, it is very, very tight in the arms. I held it up to a long sleeve blue one I have, and the fit looks pretty similar. I know a lot of times when Lululemon sometimes makes a change, the fit totally changes (drives me NUTS). I know I swore of swiftly tops. I feel like I am wearing a corset, everything is tight and then boom, skin is exploding over my bra top. I have this on top of a CRB. I think it might just accentuate everything a little too much. I'm afraid this might have to go back.

Off to buy more salt for the driveway. Did you take my advice and invest in this stock yet?