Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not feeling well today

Uh oh. What is the matter? Yup, too tired! (and I won't bother you with the other symptoms). Too tired to do anything but get back in bed soon.

With less than two weeks to go before vacation, feeling sick is not in the schedule. I had hoped to get to the gym today for either Tabata or Group Power or even both (haha) and that is just not happening this morning. I really couldn't sleep last night and I am pretty sure that it is hormonal. Have you ever taken Zyquil? I finally took just one pill, even though the directions state to take two, and that was enough to put me back to sleep and keep me sleeping (finally). I think if I took two pills  I would be auditioning for Walking Dead. Anyway, I ended up not being able to exercise yesterday either, so I'm feeling guilty. Which makes me feel crazy, since this is really not the end of the world. Which makes me want to go work out! Endless circle! I'm going to rest this morning, have my coffee, snuggle back into bed (there is a nice coat of ice/snow on the roads anyway), and hibernate. I mean, eat clean and take it easy this morning.

I got in the mail, finally, the special edition Lululemon items I ordered, and I just want to try them on, but that is even too much work right now. I go the lace Wunder under pants and the inspires with the lace. The material feels nice and thick and I hope they fit! Or maybe not, since I have bought a lot this past month. Reviews to come when I am feeling better.

I'll leave you with this e-card, which I found, of course, on Pinterest! I hope the rest of you are laughing and think this is haha funny, and not haha what does that mean?!