Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm officially disgusted

So three and half weeks of pretty clean eating and lots of exercising and I am not noticing a lot of changes. I have another week and a half until my vacation, which was my original goal, so I am going to keep on going until then, but yikes. I might just have to admit that this is my 47 year old body,  and that things (that is the best word I have for it)  have settled around my midsection for good. The expense, the time, and the amount of planning every day is draining and I think for me, obsessive. Every day: what am I eating, what am I snacking on, what is the exercise plan, if I go out to eat Saturday, what's the plan, etc. So that is my rant, thank you for listening to me vent.

Today I tried on the black baroque CRB and decided I just couldn't wear it to the gym, so I wore a very old Lululemon v-neck that was one of the first tops I bought and I have no idea what the name is. You probably can't even tell what it is from the photo, but of course it is black! It is still in perfect shape. And my groove pants, which I really love. By the way, I was thinking about selling some of my Lululemon stock, but the new CEO sounds really amazing. I have my fingers crossed. Thankfully, Chip is gone, because every time he opened his mouth, my stock tanked.

Off to get my hair colored and cut. It is so nice to have someone else wash my hair. I'm so excited. You will probably still see it up in a high pony or in a bun for pictures/exercise, because I can't stand any strands sticking to my sweat, but maybe I will surprise you!